Ranson Transport participates as a SmartWay partner by measuring and benchmarking our fuel consumption. This important and responsible way of operating our fleet not only reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, but also helps to reduce our total fuel spend which is reflected in savings that we pass along to our customers.

In addition to optimizing routes and benchmarking fuel consumption to reduce CO2 emissions, Wheel King is also committed to doing our part for the environment through our policy aimed at reducing our idling time and adopting emerging technologies that further assists with the reduction of our carbon footprint.


Ranson Transport is currently investigating the feasibility of incorporating electric tractors and shunt trucks into our fleet to protect the environment. Should a customer express interest in a fully outsourced electric program,we would procure and dedicate those assets for exclusive usage.

Ranson Transport continues to do its part for the environment with the following initiatives:

1. Utilizing advanced low rolling resistance tires to further improve fuel economy
2. Improved trailer aerodynamics by utilizing front, rear, and side fairing
3. Performing stringent engine tune-ups
4. Using low-viscosity lubricants
5. Investigating alternative fuel sources
6. Reduced idling policy
7. Using Electronic ELD